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So this is me…I grow up in Vienna with an Austrian dad and South African mom, went through a lot of odd jobs during my school years, become an exchange student and matriculated in New York and graduated from the Vienna Business School with Marketing as my Major. After being a passionate barman, it was time to grow up so I started off as part of the Brand Team at General Motors in Vienna. After meeting a bunch of South Africans my faith was to move to South Africa in 2004.

I worked as a Marketing Specialist and started my own company, Hauke Digital, which today produces high-end corporate films, adverts, event productions and fashion style wedding films with a branch in Gauteng & the Western Cape.  My company has also expanded to the design and development of websites. We run a few success lifestyle blogs and organise annual networking events for small creative businesses to improve their skills.

Today, I am a keynote speaker focusing on video marketing & entrepreneurship for small business owners.



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