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From Freelancer to Entrepreneur


This talk is about how you can become an efficient entrepreneur and grow your business by utilising amazing tools which technology in our day and age have provided us. Although the definition of a free lancer is to be self-employed, most simply work for companies on a project base.
Usually the first step into your own business is by becoming a freelancer. The big question is: Are you still a freelancer and why can’t you move on? Are you to comfortable in your position and scared to move on? What the Freelance!

Get all the tools you need in this workshop to take your business to the next.

Video all the way

Our society has changed. Studies show that the attention span of humans are decreasing as modern technology and especially online videos (such as YouTube) are increasing. The average person spends less than a minute on a website and to grab their attention you need to entertain them. Video is quickly becoming the preferred media and will improve your marketing in every essence of your business.

In this presentation I will show you how to produce a video with a large, small or non-existing budget and how to produce your own marketing clips for your website.

Limitless Video | Expand your possibilites/strong>

The keynote “Limitless Video” will be focusing on the “Other Clients” besides your bridal couple. Video is one of the most effective marketing tools, and therefore videographers have a distinct advantage on marketing themselves and tap into a market without limits. These 3 parts will be the key topics of this talk:

The Networker | More than just a collaboration
Life after Weddings | The corporate world
Video is the Future | Pictures capture moments, we capture everything

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