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Photo & Film Expo

The market has been flooded with creative businesses popping up, especially in the photography & video industry. Gear has become more affordable and through workshops people have acquired the necessary skills to start shooting events. The ones without any business background struggle to put the pieces in the right order to succeed. From Freelancer to entrepreneur is a workshop filled with important tips and tricks to make your creative start up  or existing creative business a success. Join me on my talk at the Photo & Film Expo at the Samsung Main Stage on Thursday, 11:30.

The 6th annual Photo & Film Expo takes place from the 30th October – 2nd November this year. The event has grown into (by far) the largest event in any photographers diary on the African continent. With well over 20 000 attendees in 2013 and amazing feedback from visitors, we can only expect even more visitors in 2014.

WIN  one of 10 four day passes to join my business keynote. Simply leave a message below and what you are looking forward at the Photo & Film Expo 2014? I can’t wait for all the good deals!


Wayne Viljoen
Amanda van der Gryp
Vicky McLachlan
Leoni W
Jeanine van Aswegen
Maryke Albertyn
Jessica Otto
Surobinda Mallick
Lauren Barkume
Genevieve Fundaro


  • Tutu Mntambo says:

    Thank goodness it comes after pay day lol, looking forward to taking advantage of the great deals on offer!

  • Can’t wait to network again! Look forward to the workshops, and hearing from you, off course ☺️

  • Melissa Hogarth says:

    I want to learn learn and learn some more. And yes I want the deals too! See you there! Can’t wait to hear your talk!

  • Bibi says:

    can’t wait to learn! learn! learn! more and more and more!

  • Cant wait to attend this session at the expo.

  • Elri Pollard says:

    Looking forward to see all my new photographer friends that I made at the Networking Conference again! …The workshops and all the latest gadgets and goodies…

  • Hennie says:

    Looking forward to networking with fellow photographers and see what the expo has to offer in all aspects.

  • FJ says:

    Cant wait for this session at the expo, really going to awesome, and its a very cool topic, cant wait to see all the specials and to see what album companies are going to be there. Also cant wait to learn from the best in the business.

  • Anneska says:

    I am looking forward to be re inspired. To find new things to implement that I have not thought of and go to the next level with a few new bound braking ideas

  • Sumari says:

    Cant wait to see all the specials and to attend all the awesome workshops and learn learn learn. Your topic is awesome, will definitely attend.

  • Tania Allen says:

    Never had the chance to be at the Expo, would love to see what its all about and take in all the workshops possible!!!

  • Teboho says:

    This will be a tick on my bucket list of events to attend in the quest to build a sustainable business for the future and to learn from the best in the industry.I am a learner for life!!!!

  • I can’t wait for the awesome show specials, networking and workshops! Looking forward to listen to you

  • Ryan Parker says:

    I look forward to networking and catching up on all the awesome progress in innovation that suppliers are making in the industry…

  • I have never been to the Photo & Film Expo before! I would LOVE to go! When I started out in photography, I vowed to learn everything there is to learn about photography. Althouhg I have come along way, the industry and technology is progressing so fast, that there is something to learn every time one buys a photography magazine or go on the internet. One is never fully knowledgable on everything in your pro field. I want to expand my horizons and also share with others the knowledge I have aquired over the years…..when you share, you grow, not only as a photographer, but also as a person.

  • Anel Steenkamp says:

    Most definitely looking forward to al the workshops and great deals!

  • Louise says:

    Would love!!!!! just love to attend the expo. As a start up, done all the workshops I can anx got all that, I so need to attend to market myself.

  • monica van der merwe says:

    Great I would love to hear your talk.

  • San-Marie Kotze says:

    Have never been, so will be great to see all the latest technology but more important, looking forward to be inspired and creatively stimulated by others in the photography industry!

  • Michael says:

    Hi new technology and networking

  • Penny says:

    Would love to go to this expo and look forwards to all the new tech and to networking with various people has have several different companies.

  • Jaco says:

    This year its going to be amazing there so many thing im looking forward to… but if i had to say it would be to see Ett Venter. And to learn more…

  • Billy Long says:

    I just cant wait to see all the new stuff!

  • Karen says:

    look forward to seeing all my photographer friends, seeing the latest photography products all in one place (happydance) and being inspired by the speakers/workshops.

  • Priscilla Kruger says:

    I have never been to the expo. It would be awesome to be able to go and experience being in the presence of so many creatives and attending as many sessions as possible, and as I am finishing my diploma in Photography at CUT this year I would love to buy a new lens. *dreaming 70-200mm F2.8

  • monique visser says:

    Im a young learning girl. Absolutely love taking photos and making memories last. I would love to learn more and go and enjoy this amazing expo!!* need a new lens for my camera!* im soooo excited and would appreciate going with you!

  • Jurgen Vogt says:

    I’m looking forward to meeting you Andreas

  • M@rn@ says:

    2013 was my first P&F expo. I only attended Saturday and Sunday sessions. Attending workshops around the hour and completing a basic/intermediate course the year before was the 2 best decisions I made! I’ve since enjoyed my photography more than ever! I’m looking forward to meet the new faces, learn once again from the experts and have a fun time shopping with all the specials!

  • Chris Anderson says:

    It’ll be my first expo, and I want to be a sponge for those four days. I NEED to learn as much as I can!

  • Gonna be great seeing all the guys again.
    Maybe looking for a new lens

  • Lelani says:

    SO so excited to LEARN, still new at this !!! can’t wait to go

  • I’m looking forward to all the great workshops and inspiration!

  • Cant wait to see all the new exciting products and meet new people and Learn new tricks in the workshops will be amazing!!

  • I am looking forward to be able to go for all four days for the first time and attend all the workshops! It is amazing the amount you are able to learn in a one hour session from the best in the industry and I could not attend your full workshop last year. This year I have planned better and maybe it will even suit my budget better.

  • Franco says:

    Can’t wait for all the workshops on offer. Always something new to learn!!

  • Marinell says:

    Looking forward to the workshops!

  • Anabela says:

    Pick me, pick me :-) no doubt I will be there, as I have been every year. One can never learn enough from the industry leaders.

  • Jana says:

    I would be soo excited to walk into a world of photo and film, learn, share my passion of Photography, looking forward to all the tips and tricks, gear and listening to your talk!!

  • James says:

    I live in Durban so winning tickets will force me to get off my butt and drive up to JHB for the expo! I want to check out the cheap gear specials…especially video related products!

  • Frikkie Kapp says:

    Photography is my life and bloodstream

  • Chantall says:

    Just being surrounded by people who have the same passion as me! That’s the best part! and all the good deals & speakers/workshops!

  • Thank you Thank you Thank you. Happy dance cant wait to attend this year and catch your talk.

  • Bernard Kotzé says:

    A time to learn,a time to see,a time to capture for memories to be! The expo is every photographers dream,to learn more,to see more…to take beter pictures that gives you a thrill down the spine.

  • Lee says:

    Looking forward to the amazing specials and the opportunity to learn from all the workshops on offer as well as meeting and spending time with great people who share the same passion.

  • Anandi Swanepoel says:

    I CANT wait to see old friends and meet new people that share in the same passion and drive as me and stock up on all the goodies! :D

  • The timing of this year’s expo is great, as I will be going full time with my business from the end of October this year! Would love to attend your workshop.

  • I have been so busy this last while and I actually thought the Expo was last weekend. I was so bummed that I “missed” it. Then when the dust settled I realized my mistake. Felt like a total idiot. The weekend of the Expo is the only weekend for the rest of the year that I wont be shooting anything. So I am totally going. Some passes would be the cherry.

  • Surobinda Mallick says:

    I am a regular visitor to Photo and Film Expo. It is a great place to collborate photographers work to a market place. This gives a huge opportunity for amature photographer to get connected with pro, get and share knowledge. And the best place to buy gear at discounted price. Joping to gather some outstanding knowledge this time as well. Cheers, Surobinda

  • Looking forward to seeing the familiar faces of fellow togs and meeting new ones I only know from FB

  • Jessica Otto says:

    To be honest, not only do I love photography and is very eager to learn and excel, but if I do win, it gives me a reason for some me time and not feel guilty about it. I can drop off my 2 girls at the creche or with a family member and have some quality me time! I love them both but that would be awesome!

  • Looking forward to the expo & all the workshops! Always inspiring…

  • Jaco says:

    To meet new people and to see new ways and new techniques…

  • Maryke says:

    I am looking forward to the networking, talks & hopefully some great deals! And I am definitely stopping by for the “Freelancer to entrepreneur” talk!

  • Lee says:

    Looking forward to meeting up with old friends, making some new ones, the great deals and inspiring workshops :)

  • Can’t wait to learn from the best in the industry, catch up with some old friends, great deals and some networking.

  • I’ve been doing photography for a few years now, but I’ve never managed to go to the Photo and Film website since I always had shoots booked… This year, it was one of the first events I marked in my diary and I made sure that I have the time off to go – can’t wait to listen to the speakers and just be inspired, not to mention all the show specials!

  • Marius Sullivan says:

    The gadgets! Cant wait for all the gadgets!

  • Holding thumbs for those tickets!! :-) And I’m looking forward to meeting a couple of new faces at the Expo!

  • I would love to win tickets!! It’s my birthday the 2nd of November and this would for sure make my birthday extra special (:
    Attending all the interesting workshops and learning from the best photographers, networking with other creatives and buying some new equipment with all the great specials.

  • Amanda van der Gryp says:

    Rudolf and I will definitely see you there ;)

  • Leoni says:

    Hello there, I am passionate about photography and love learning and practicing new skills that I learn. I can’t wait for the photo & film expo as this is an event worth attending and I see forward to joining in with the workshops that will be available. Thank you for having such a great event for us to learn from and enjoy.

  • Genevieve Fundaro says:

    pick me pick me, i want to be your groupie again. so we will both win. ;)

  • Charles Whitehead says:

    Would really, really, really love to go :-) I love technology and photography and this seems like the perfect place to be. Also I never win anything, so this just might be my lucky day ..

  • Frikkie Kapp says:

    Would love to attend my first Expo as i will be in Jhb for business. It will be to connect with my fellow surfers with cameras

  • Rudolf says:

    Cant wait to attend some of the fantastic workshops!

  • Madhumita Sarkar says:

    As per my view point:
    1. Knowledge sharing by world class photographic experts. As per my understanding this is priceless.
    2. Knowing various technological upgrade, every one should be aware of current technological paradigm shift.
    3. Last but not least good deals on great stuffs.


  • Lyndie says:

    Networking, workshops, deals and fun fun fun!!! Will be my fist expo and I’m so excited…can’t wait! Cleared my schedule 4 months in advance and would love to attend each and every day… :)

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