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A quick chat goes a long way…

I moved to Cape Town last year and I went to a nice lighting warehouse shop just outside Cape Town to upgrade my apartment. I had such an amazing shop assistant helping me making sure everything i buy will fit in my apartment. This is when i actually met Laverne, she was the shop assistant at the store.

We started chatting about what i do, and she showed a lot of interest in my business ventures, especially in the Wedding Blog my company started just over 2 years ago which turned into the biggest wedding supplier blog in South Africa. Well, enough said, a year later I got this lovely invite for the “Hung Up” Online Fashion Magazine launch at the Inner City Cartel Ideas in the Waterkant. To my big surprise, it was Laverne who started the magazine with her business partner Berna. At the launch, Laverne told me that she was so inspired by me on the day we have met…I felt so honored! This is what Laverne said:

I met Andreas Hauke when he came into the store to buy lights for his apartment. We started chatting about online communities and websites. I told him I owned a small online boutique that I manage part time. He gave me his business card and told me all about his inspirational website called Wedding Friends. I was so intrigued and inspired I went home and checked out the site and thought I can totally start my own inspirational site that is focused on fashion and beauty.  I did some research and realized there were not many fashion or beauty websites with the same quality content tham this Wedding Blog – Wedding Friends.

Within a week I decided to quit my job and focused on building my own empire, I thought I would start by visiting other successful business owners to get even more inspired.

I emailed Berna Coetzee who owns her own successful photography business. We had previously met when she lectured at a photography school I had attended a few months earlier. I told Berna about my idea and her eyes lit up and she asked me if I would like to partner up. We met a week later to discuss it more and decided on a name and a content plan of the website

We decided we wanted our website to have all the elements of a glossy magazine. Great content, brilliant photography, expert advice, showcasing great products and brands as well as celebrity features and interviews. Along the way I have reached out to Andreas with questions on the design process and for his opinion and he was always gracious enough to give valuable advise.

We used Andreas’ Wedding Friends Blog as a bench mark for quality and followed Andreas concept every step of the way.  I even saved the images of his stylish head quarter offices in Gauteng onto my desktop to  remind myself of the dream and the destination.

After  weeks of preparation the site was launched. We have worked incredibly hard and we are both so proud of our website and hope that it will be well received by the public


Here’s a video of the launch party as well

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