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Stella Uys

I need to go way back, and then I need to go even further…This is how long I have known Stella Uys. We meet in Menlyn, as all people do that live in Pretoria :) She was exhibiting her amazing photography and i couldn’t help it, as she was also so friendly, to chat to her. After a few minutes talking I realized I need to network more with top suppliers like her to put my wedding video business on the map. So I quickly fetched a sample DVD I recently shot and handed it to Stella. Next day she phoned and said she has a client for that is interested. Needless to say, from there on we started working together more and more and become really good friends. We have been friends since then and i am so thrilled she is finally hosting a workshop as I think her work is simply amazing. She has the talent to make everyone look like a superstar. So she allowed me to give away a seat to one lucky photographer!



  • Elri Pollard says:

    …because newbies in the industry need all the help they can get! And who better to get it from than 2 of the leaders in the industry – Andreas and Stella! :)

  • I am passionate about my photography. However I currently working full time,my wish is to become full time photographer. I love to work with people and to capture that special emotions and moments throughout the day and to share it with them. If I can take photo’s I am a happy person! I love both you guys work and what better way to learn more from the best! You guys rock!

  • Anneska says:

    With the rising competition in Bloemfontein, I need to take my wedding photography to the next level. I am willing to drive to Pretoria from Bloemfontein. Stella’s style is also my natural style, I just need to get to that level.

  • Jessica Otto says:

    Because it would help me improve on my photography. I feel I am at a standstill at the moment and yet I know I have so much more potential…

  • Eloise says:

    I really want to break I to the wedding industry and I really think that Stella’s workshop would benefit me. Stella is one of the most talented photographers and I would love to learn from her.

  • Juanette says:

    Because I am by far Stella’s biggest fan ever and ever and forever!!!!! ;-)

  • I eat, sleep, dream photography and really need some assistence to improve my skills. There is a lot of information on the internet but nothing compare to hands on expert advice.

  • Ruby says:

    I’ve tried to teach myself as much as I can. I am proud of how much I have progressed but I would really love to attend a workshop to progress and learn from one of the best.

  • I am fairly new to the photography industry and only have experience with children and newborns. I would love to extend my passion for photography to include weddings however I need help. Stella’s help.

  • I LOVE Stella Uys – she has inspired me for years – not only because she is a very gifted photographer making gorgeous images {sometimes in very tricky conditions} she has an amazing head for business on her shoulders. I am already attending the workshop but I would LOVE for my Second shooter & current husband {in that order ;) } to also attend the workshop. Kobus can climb a tree in a suit pant, split and take a pretty decent photo WHILE maintaining a pretty legendary beard BUT he needs a little help in the “romantic-pose” department ;))))) & it would be a-friek-mazing if he can learn from the cream of the crop xxx

  • Because I believe that you can never know too much, and that the day we stop learning is the day our skills start to fall away. Plus, I’ve never been to a workshop! I think that I can learn a lot from others in the business, and would love to meet the team that makes things happen.

    That and I would love to learn more about the poses – this is the one area that I feel I can REALLY improve on. Giving direction with the bridal images is an area I really want to grow in.

    Looking forward to hearing from you guys! And thanks for the opportunity ;)

  • wilna burke says:

    I neeeeeed this !! ..Proverbs says ” your gift will make room for you and bring you before great men”.. I want to learn more from the best (great men!!) ! :)) as a wedding photographer, my clients trust me with their most memorable day..I need to learn as much as possible

  • Tarine van Wyk says:

    While planning my wedding in 2012-2013 and looking for a photographer (I can easily say I put about 15 plus hours in to that and drove everybody up the wall with my photo comparisons) my interest in photography re-emerged. Not being happy (a bit of an understatement) with my current carer I believe God gave me His blessing to peruse something that I would love….photography. After saving for my wedding I stared saving again this time for a DSLR and in the meantime did an exhausting amount of research as to what camera would be best. I bought my first DSLR in February 2014. In between all this I became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful boy. I was hard to find a balance but i eventually did. When I am not spending time behind the camera or with my family I am spending every free moment I have scouring the internet for photography tutorials, blog stoking my wedding photographer “mentors” and dissecting my favourite wedding photos to try and gage which setting were use in order for me to understand the style of photography that I like best. I presently went to a Photography Beginners workshop were they thought everyone the basics of the light triangle. I was sure that I had this under control, but I went regardless to make sure that I understood the basics correctly. There I had the opportunity to pick their brain with some questions and as a result my photographs have seen a big improvement after that. This is when I realised that practical hands-on experience with photographers that have been in the business a while is a big must. I believe that from attending the very talented Stella Uys’s workshop my photography would improve leaps and bounds.

  • Lee says:

    Everyone deserves to be a diamond to feel as precious as a diamond, every wedding photographer should add their diamond touch of excellence, purity and clarity to their craft this comes with a sense of knowing what your limitations are then defying them by enabling yourself with the tools to escape your fears and break out into a world of obscene excellence, purity and clarity. The more you learn the more you are enriched and that is why I would love to have the opportunity to learn from Stella.

  • I am a huge Stella Uys fan and am particularly interested in the Beloved method she uses to photograph couples. You can actually SEE and FEEL the love. If I could have the honour of meeting Stella and learn just a little from her I know my photography will improve by heaps and bounds. She is an amazing artist!

  • I am a full time photographer, but I stopped doing weddings about 2 years ago due to all the “wannabe” photographers. I need inspiration to get into weddings again, I get alot of requests, please inspire me again to do and love weddings.

  • Pieter says:

    from a layman to professional! Is it possible? Having that seat can make me leap towards that goal!

  • Jane says:

    i would love to improve my wedding photography skills & it would be so awesome to win the spot on your workshop – fingers crossed

  • Euline Botha says:

    I will be completely honest about my reason for entering, I am so close to giving up on my dream to be a photographer, there are so many photographers in this business and it is hard to build a career with so much competition. I keep comparing myself to great photographers and I wonder if I will ever be as good as them. I have reached a point where I have to decide if it is still worth it or not, and I think this workshop is exactly what I need to kickstart my passion again and to send me in the right direction to a flourishing career as a photographer! Please pick me! I need this…

  • Laurene says:

    Hoe sit jy jou gedagtes op papier??? Nou ja :Ek is al n fan van Stella van Sy pixelpro gehad het nog voor Albert. Ek het gedurig Staan en drool oor my niggie se fotos in haar gang wat Stella geneem Het en net Gedink WOW!! soek hierdie seat want Ek kort Nuwe krag en Nuwe hoop in fotograwe!! En fotografie!! Ek het Al soveel geld uit gegee net om terug te Kom v n klas of seminaar met dieselfde papiere wat almal v Vega se klas Afrol en netso oor vertel of verkoop. Ek wil kan fotos neem met gevoel , iets wat n storie het om te vertel, Ek wil my ouers kan trots maak ( ja Ek is al n newbie vir seker 2 en n half jaar). Ek het die begeerte om onder iemand se vlek te kan in Klim en te leer of net om in die regte rigting gestuur te word. Ek Wou Al soveel Keer opgee op fotografie maar my binneste skree om te klou want Ek hoop iewers om n Draai Gaan n lig vi my Aan en ja Ek is MAL oor fotos neem!!! Ek het hierdie seat nodig!!!! Nodig omdat Ek wil leer en Ek wil weet of 2015 vir my n begin v n fotografie wow Gaan wees. Ek het vrae en kort eerlike en opregte antwoorde!!! Nie iemand wat se Google dit nie. Ek weet almal het hul geheime en sal j NOOIT 100% die regte resep kry ni maar Ek wil net sien hoe word dit regtig gedoen Ek wil iets he om ma toe te werk. Asb laat my 2014 op n WOW eindig en gee my die grootste geskenk ooit!!! Die golden seat in Stella se Workshop xxx

  • Charles Whitehead says:

    Very passionate about photography and enjoy it a lot. Would love to go ! One can never know enough and always learn from other people’s techniques and ways of doing things. Always trying to improve myself

    Pretty please :-)

  • Caitlin says:

    I would absolutely love the opportunity to learn from Stella, as well as amazing industry leaders such as Andreas! wow, what an amazing experience it would be, and my privilege! The South African Wedding Industry needs more great leaders like you two! and to be able to learn and gain experience for you would be such a blessing*

  • Let me just speak from the heart…I’ve come a long way in my photography (10 years to be precise), but I want to BE BETTER THAT I WAS YESTERDAY, BE MORE THAN I WAS YESTERDAY, GIVE MORE THAN I GAVE YESTERDAY. I want to challenged. It’s the only way to develope! I believe that, as I aquire even more knowledge, I can plow that into my photography and into the business side of it too. In turn I don’t just want my couples to remember me as their wedding photogtapher, but as the most positive photography experience they have ever had…me as a person, advice giver, the calm when things might go wrong.and when viewing their wedding images, I believe it could only be a blessing.

  • Because I waaaaaaaaaaant it. And I neeeeeed her kiffness!!!

  • Photography is my passion. I unfortunately am unable to afford to do it full time. I am also not in the position to go on any courses to better myself and break into the wedding industry. It would mean the world to me to win this and learn from the best and hopefully take my photography to a new level. Thank you for giving us this opportunity

  • monique says:

    I would love to improve! I want to keep learning as much as I can! We also just bought a house so there’s no spare cash at the moment!Hahaha!

  • San-Marie Kotze says:

    This is a great oppertunity, and because with more knowledge you can always improve on your “best”!

  • I picked up my first digital camera 3 years ago and promptly quit my job a month later to declare myself a professional photographer. As a single mother, that probably wasn’t the best way I could have done things, but to be honest with you, once you discover your passion, you simply cannot imagine doing anything else for one more day.
    I have stretched myself over a variety of different genres of photography, but wedding photography is fast becoming my busiest area… I need to hone my skills… the smaller details…. and most importantly for me at the moment is the business side of being a full time pro. Its the area of my business which is sorely lacking.
    I am looking to absorb as much information as I can from a true professional who’s passion seems to equal mine… and who has managed to take that leap from freelancer to entrepreneur.
    I’d love the opportunity to come and learn from one of the best.

  • Leandi says:

    I am a “new” photographer with a real passion and love for photography and always want to better myself and WOW STELLA UYS is one of my hero’s in photography!
    Please please PLEASE give me the opportunity to learn from the best in the business.

  • Nedean says:

    Hello there. SO here is my story…
    I went to varsity to study Bcom…(i know..hectic) i got completely side tracked when i decided i want to take a night classes in Photography.. in 2010 i was in love, the creativity, they way you get to work with people and most of all, the way it allowed me to capture true emotion.. i ended up doing a corporate job and follow my passion on the side line. I was very unhappy in the corporate world being the person who would organise the photographer for the clients, and wishing that it could have been me…I started spending most of my weekends doing free shoots, family shoots, any shot people wanted both paid and unpaid just so that i can learn more and more. This year I took the leap (yes quitting with no back-up plan)… come what may I want to do the thing I love, the thing I would have never though in a million years would be my passion. So here i am 4months in, small jobs came to my side and i haven’t regret a day of making that choice, i spend most hours of the day doing research, looking at other photographers work, reading up on blogs about the business side, the creative side, technical side, most of my weekends shooting as much as i possibly can.
    So here i am looking for every way to gain knowledge, learn more so that I one day can be a pro photographer, and who better to learn from.. than those who have made their passion a living.

  • I intend to hold workshops for under-privileged aspiring photographers and your contribution thereto will be included.

  • I would really love to take my wedding photography to the next level & what better way to learn from one of the best. Stella’s work is such an inspiration! ;)

  • Soria says:

    I don’t see myself as a “newbie”. I do see myself as a talented photographer always willing to learn and pick up tips from the masters. It would be simply amazing to see how Stella does her thing and possibly better myself in the process. :)

  • As a up and coming wedding photographer, I know without a doubt that I will benefit from Stellas workshop. I am a big fan of her work and would love the opportunity to attend it!

  • Linda Fourie says:

    I absolutely adore her work and would love to learn from her! :)

  • Belinda says:

    Stella, I would be so honoured to be able to attend a workshop lectured by such a inspirational and gifted photographer as yourself

  • jaco says:

    Hi need some training on my wedding techniques. I love weddings and would love to do this workshop. Budget dont let me. Pleas pick me…

  • Nadia says:

    I have attended a few workshops with Stella, even driving us to one

  • Germarie says:

    I am very new at Photography and would love to enter the Wedding industry…but because your wedding photos are pretty much all u have of the day, I dont want to do it before I have the proper training… Please help me achieve this goal! Thanks

  • Daniel says:

    Networking is by far the best remedy for this industry, and what better way to connect with fellow industry builders than attending a workshop, it not only gives you insight on how others approach their passion, but also allows you to meet other creatives, and this is why i would like to attend this workshop.

  • Chanique says:

    Argh! As a brand new mom there is no way I could afford a ticket! I have loved Stella’s work for years – she has such a way of making it all look effortless and incredibly romantic. An opportunity to learn from her would be such a dream come true!

  • I probably should tell you how much I suck and really need this… But since I’m all about happy vibes, I’m just going to say that Stella Uys is DA BOMB and I would be honoured to go sit at her feet and learn from this queen of photography #PickMe

  • Samantha says:

    I mostly photograph indian weddings but I would love to photograph weddings of all cultures. This would be an awesome experience for me I really want to step of of the box currently my portfolio only displays indian weddings and I know I am capable if change. I just need a push in the right direction.

  • Because I also want every bride to want to have me as their photographer. I am in love with my job and cannot see myself doing anything else than capturing memories. I try to teach myself a new skill every now and then. Winning this course will help me to up my game even more. So one day I will also become one of the big competitors out there.

  • Gen says:

    because I neeeeeeed it!
    Stella is a wedding photographer icon and any one would be super lucky to be at workshop!
    Pick me pick me!!!!

  • Anina says:

    After a 3 year break from doing weddings, I am planning to get back into the market next year. Stella’s workshop would be an amazing stepping stone to get the ball rolling again! :-) It would be such a privilege. Thanks!

  • Tania Calldo says:

    I’ve recently been to the Photo and Film expo and was amazed with how much one can learn by only being in the presence of photo enthusiasts. Would love to learn more!

  • I would LOVE to attend a workshop of Stella Uys. To learn from one of the best photographers in the industry would be a dream come true.

    Hièrdie {plattelandse} fotograaf se hart sal so vreeslik bly wees as ek die geleentheid kon kry! <3

  • alison van niekerk says:

    As a budding photographer, and amateur in comparison to the likes of Stella Uys, I have chosen to see my world as being with awe and curiosity. Stella has served to inspire me daily with the most phenomenal wedding photos taken at our wedding, which fanned the flame within me to a burning desire to learn more. We are all surrounded by beauty both in nature and man-made, it is up to each of us, to show others, not only how we see it, but what they may be missing. I share a passion for all things worthy of capture on film, which equals the pure genius of photography with Stella Uys. It would be a dream come true to be able to learn from Stella

  • Paul Pearce says:

    I will give it to you straight, geen doekies draai !
    I will not blow smoke up any openings or do any butt kissing.
    Stella is in a league of her own and we all know that as fact, same as Brett.
    I would love the chance of a seat because I owe it to my clients first and foremost as they keep us in business and fuel our obsessive addiction of pushing the limits.
    After reading a few comments above: Stick it out, hold on and don’t loose faith as you are all deserving :-)

  • irmgardt says:

    I would love to do a Stella Uys workshop. She is truly a master at her craft, and any one taught by her could only improve their own craft, no question about it

  • Plain and simple:
    I’m a HUGE Stella Uys fan and would love to learn from one of the best in the industry!

  • my biggest dream is quitting my full time job and pursuing my dream and passion of photography!

    One of the biggest down falls of so many people that start out is not knowing how to run and manage their business…

    Spending 2 days with Stella will definitely improve my business skills and teach me how to cope with demanding situations and clients. I would be honored to learn so much behind the idea of just snapping a photo. I’d learn about the ten million other things we photographers need to deal with once we leave the venue on the day.

    I would get to socialize and network with many other Amazon photographers during those two days and we could compare and advise on the do’s and don’ts in the industry…

    Stella has accomplished so much and I would love to do the same. I’d love my clients to not only brag about my quality of photos but my ethics of how I do business and that is where the importance lies..

    Why do I deserve this workshop give away?

    Because all I ask for is to learn and avoid the bad decissions Stella made when she was new in the industry. :)

  • Karen Ellis says:

    I am not one for words, but hope that I can do it though my photos. I am at a stage that I would love going to that next level and can only get there from learning from photographers who’s work I admire. Stella is definitely one of them and it would be a great honour for me to be part of her workshop.

  • Astrid says:

    I am a part time photographer and my loved ones have told me how they can see my work improve every few months. But what better way to improve your work than learning from one of the best – Stella Uys?!

    Maybe with the knowledge I gain, I’ll be able to finally pursue my passion full time! ;-)

  • Alicia Smit says:

    I promised myself that by the end of next year I will leave my dead-end job and focus only on my photography. I shoot weddings almost every weekend and it doesn’t even feel like work after working for a full week. I would LOVE to learn from the best and get advice on how to continue this journey because I simply can not see myself doing anything else. It’s my passion, my dream and hopefully by next year, my reality (full time).

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